Spiral Balloon Columns

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Balloon columns are a great way to decorate a party or event space. They can made made in a wide array of fabulous styles and colours. They make a stunning entrance feature and it can also serve as a photo backdrop.

In business and workplace settings they are a wonderful way to highlight an grand opening or promotion. They are also a good option when a space or budget might not be suitable for a larger balloon arch.

Many Colours & Patterns – to choose from. Shown here with themed colours arranged in a spiral pattern. There are many other ways that colour and pattern can be displayed in a column. There are also lots of options for the column topper balloon eg giant round balloon, stars, shapes etc. We can also custom create columns of various sizes.

Please contact us for a quote. We will help you to select balloon columns that is suitable for your needs and can suggest options for the best style and size for your occasion.
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