Got Balloon Questions?

We sell and deliver a large variety of balloons as gifts, party decorations and for events and can help answer all your balloon questions.

We are available for phone support Monday to Saturday 8.30am to 5pm. Sometimes we work outside of these hours so please call and if we are around we will try to help.

Please contact us if you have any other balloon questions. Thank you.

Do balloons need special conditions?

Balloons are designed primarily for indoor use and need to be handled with care.
Balloons should be kept out of direct sunlight and at a reasonable temperature. Conditions different to this can have a negative impact on the life and float time of the balloons.
Balloons do not like being in hot environments which may cause them to expand and pop, cold environments such as office, home and hospital air conditioning can cause balloons to shrink.

How long will the balloons float?

Helium Foil Balloons
A 45cm foil balloon will float for about 7 days, remaining firm for about the first 3 days. Larger foil balloons like super shapes, singing balloons and airwalkers tend to float for longer.
Helium Latex Balloons
A 28cm latex balloon will float for about 12-18 hours untreated.
Latex Gift Balloons
The latex balloons used in gift bouquets are treated with Hi-float to extend their life so they may float for about 2, maybe 3 days though the size and colour will deteriorate as time progresses from time of inflation.
Latex Party Balloons
The latex balloons used for decoration purposes eg table arrangements and ceiling balloons, are not treated with Hi-float and will float for about 12-18 hours. If you need to extend the float time of balloon decorations please request a quote for Hi-float treatment.
Helium Bubble Balloons
A bubble balloon is made of plastic, non-allergenic and the 56 cm and 61cm sizes floats for about 2 to 4 weeks. Bubble balloons inflate to a generally round shape like a beach ball. Bubble balloons are pop resistant – not pop proof! Heat and sharp objects may cause them to burst.

Can I create a custom balloon bouquet?

Certainly. Just let us know the balloons you would like and we can put together your personal design.

What happens if you don’t have the balloon design I want?

When preparing balloon gift deliveries, sometimes not all requested balloons designs are available eg a particular birthday design. In this instance we will match the occasion/theme/sentiments, colours as best we can to greater or equal value. If a substitution is not obvious we will contact you to consider options.

Can we inflate your balloons?

We are able to inflate latex or foil balloons that have been professionally printed, for example with a business logo. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
Please note that balloons purchased from other places may not be suitable for helium inflation nor be of a professional quality so they may not float for very long.

Do I need to be careful with balloons?

Yes. It is not safe to inhale the gas that has been used to inflate balloons.
Do not leave children or animals unaccompanied with inflated, un-inflated or popped balloons.
Inflated foil balloons should not be released outdoors into the environment and should be kept away from power lines.

Can you make same day deliveries?

Yes. Same day delivery is available for Driver Delivery in Perth for orders placed before 9.30 am (WST). A lot of the time we can also help with same day delivery for orders placed after this time, but please call or check beforehand if you need to be certain of the delivery date.

Can I request a preferred delivery date?

Yes, just let us know as part of the order process. Most birthday gifts are ordered in advance, but as gifts are often a surprise, we can’t guarantee that the person will be where you expect them to be, but will try our best.

Will gift balloons include a gift card?

Yes. A gift card with your message is included as part of the service. The message will be placed in a sealed envelope that is addressed to the recipient.

Can balloons be left outside if no one is around?

We definitely prefer not to delivery balloons to an attended address/location.
To avoid a re-delivery charge please provide a contact telephone number for the recipient. We are happy to check that a recipient of a balloon gift is around before sending out the delivery.
For the delivery of party and event balloons we normally arrange a delivery time window, eg between 1 – 3pm, any time before 2pm etc. You should check this with us prior to ordering especially during peak times eg Christmas. A different delivery costs may apply to deliveries at non-standard times or locations, so you will need to request a quote.

Can I collect the balloons?

This is not a recommended option. It is not easy to transport balloons safely, especially in warm conditions and small vehicles. There is only a small period during the week when collection is available, please contact us if you want to collect balloons. Balloons for collection must be ordered in advance, it’s best that you not just turn up.

How can I place an order?

You can order by phone, email, or online. The products listed on this site in the catalogue section have a link to our sister site, corporaterewards.com.au on which you can simply order the products online, anytime.

How can I pay?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.
Business clients can request an invoice. We may accept cheque, money orders or direct deposits with our prior approval. Orders need to be paid for in full prior to despatch.

Can I get a Tax Invoice Receipt?

Yes, we are a GST registered business. All prices are in Australian Dollars $AU and include GST – goods and services tax where applicable. We can provide a tax invoice receipt for your records.

Is delivery included?

Delivery is a separate cost to the balloon gift or party balloon cost. There is generally a $50 minimum order value plus delivery charge. Areas far from us may have a higher minimum order requirement.
This cost varies according to location, day of the week and whether the size of order requires multiple delivery trips. Additional delivery charges may apply to: special orders and delivery requests; where the delivery address is incorrect or insufficient; there address is unattended etc.

Can I arrange a delivery on a Sunday?

We accept balloon order for delivery on a Sunday by appointment. This means you need to contact us in advance of the delivery date and we can work with you to see what is possible.